We make flying less work and more fun

Ask yourself
“Why do we do keep flight records the same way it has been  done for 100 years?”

A little bit about us

We are a small but progressive company developing technology solutions for everyday problems. Initially started by flying  enthusiasts and engineers, dittolog is a development of Swift Performance Equipment, Australia.
Our core business is sports electronics, but our passion (outside work) is flying. We hope our passion  becomes the solution to more fun and less work on your airfield.
Explore the website to learn more of the innovations to be found in our latest product  “ dittolog”…..it’s the flight movement management  solution you have always been thinking about!

dittolog.com and mydittolog.com, and the entire Ditto line of products are wholly owned by Biodon P/L trading as Dittolog.

"dittolog decreases the burden on our club treasurer. Now we get invoices automatically from dittolog to our accounting package"

− Greg Schmidt

"I have been flying longer than I like to remember....more than 50 years, and this is one technological solution that I love. Our club has never looked back since implementing dittolog and its automatic flight sheets"

− Ian (Aspro) Aspland

"We have looked at everything! dittolog is clearly the world leader in automatic day sheets and flight tracking. our members love it, and the girls in the office love it even more"

− Roland Werner, Wasserkuppe

"Never before has it been so easy to manage a days' flying. No more are we running about , filling in day sheets, making mistakes, and spending the late afternoons rectifying them. dittolog records ALL our flights, takeoffs , landings, pilots, the lot.........."

− Justin Smith (Chief Flying Instructor- (Kingaroy Soaring Centre)

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