This is dittolog.

At last a wireless automatic flight-sheet.
What more could you ask for?

With dittolog, your tug pilots can forget about paperwork and just fly

Automatic flight uploads

dittolog provides automatic free online pilot logbooks AND aircraft flight and landing records plus alerts for aircraft maintenance.


"dittolog has made my job easy. No more poorly completed flight sheets, no more arguing with pilots over over launch heights. Its easy, its simple and your are NOT taking it away....ever!"

− Lind Kolb, Treasurer, Kingaroy Gliding CLub

"As early adopters of this technology, we had concerns about moving to an automatic system......there was no need to worry. dittolog ensures our flight sheets are correct, and members are charged correctly"

− Greg Schmidt, President Kingaroy Soaring Club, Australia

"We have tried everything. dittolog is the best solution we have seen. We do more than 10,000 flights per year. dittolog relieves our staff and save us money"

− Roland Wehner- Wasserkuppe

Automatic Flight Sheets

your day sheet is available on-field via any smart phone.

Streamline your accounting

dittolog generates .csv files of your flights for all pilots complete with unit cost, quantity and totals, ready for import to your accounting system.

No more paperwork

All flight information is automatically transferred to, your organisations own cloud solution for flight recording

Loaded With Goodies

We have lots of features. Email alerts for different parameters. Flight envelope monitoring etc

Improve your club

dittolog is the fastest way to improve the club experience for your members. There is no better way to take the headaches out of  the daily chore of flight recording

Customizable Flight Costs

You are in charge of setting aircraft hire and launch rates, and how you charge them. Create block hire rates, free after predefined time, simple per minute rates, junior rates etc

Technology working for you

Each dittolog device has a GPS, wireless communications , Flight logger, G meter, as well as engine noise detection. We measure the lot, PLUS we identify your pilots

On-line Administration

Your organisations administration get access to all flights and pilot details via our simple mydittolog admin interface.

Easy Hardware Configuration

As a service to you, we can configure your dittolog units remotely from our offices. Motorglider, General Aviation, Glider….whatever the configuration we can handle it with a  minimum of fuss….free.

Free Online Logbook

Every registered dittolog pilot gets a free online logbook. Monitor your flights, download Flight traces, track your performance.