57mm dual dittokey reader

$ 94.30 EX TAX

WOOCS 1.2.4


The Dual Key Reader is the perfect solution for two seat aircraft. In side by side seating configurations the Dual key reader is normally mounted with key slots on left and right. The LED indicator signals when the pilot should insert the key. If you are an instructor, and will not be paying for the flight, insert the key when the led is off . (it flashes on/off quite slowly). You will hear a long ‘beeeeep’ which indicates ‘freeeeee’ . Insert the key when the LED is on and you will hear ‘ beep beep’ which indicates , “you pay’. In a tandem seating aircraft like a two seat glider, install this in the front panel, when you dont have enough room for a reader in front and rear. In this case mount with the key slots one above the other. The instructor can leave his dittokey in the slot all day. Students just plug in and out before and after each flight. The student inserts his key when the LED is on. mydittolog will only assign flight costs to the student. For a mutual flight where both pilots share the cost of the flight, both insert the key when LED is on. mydittolog will split the flight costs




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