For Pilots

$ free

As long as your club is a customer
  • free automatic online logbook
  • auto upload to OLC
  • Record Takeoff time
  • Release height
  • Landing time
  • IGC Flight traces (non approved)
  • Quick view of your flying currency
  • On field flight-sheet editing via Smartphone
  • Use your Flarm for Takeoff and Landing records
  • Google Earth overlays
  • Your flights on a SAR page at your club
  • Air to Air communication between gliders*
  • Private aircraft logbook**

*When you have a dittolog device installed
** Optional

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Club CostsYour club needs this

$ 45*

Per Pilot/Annum
  • Automatic Daily Flight sheets
  • Serchable Flight history database
  • Pilot flight usage data
  • Aircraft Statistics
  • Flarm Health monitoring
  • Record Takeoffs, landings, Pilot info
  • Email Alert for  Pilot Licence, medical, currency
  • Aircraft Flight Envelope monitoring.
  • EXPORT Invoice data  to Quickbooks, XERO, MYOB**
  • PDF Export of invoices
  • CSV Export of flight data
  • API Available
  • ….plus more

* Hardware also required
** Requires Import module €149

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Club Extras

$ Call us

Per Annum
  • Accounting Export Quickbooks
  • Accounting Export MYOB
  • Accounting Export XERO
  • Accounting Export API
  • Aircraft Data logs
  • Member set-up service
  • Hardware Installation
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Are these the only plans?

Yes. We have kept dittolog hardware prices to an absolute minimum to make it accessible to all. The annual fee per member , which is paid by your club, normally in annual fees is fixed at this time.

Are there any discounts?

If your are a commercial flight training school, please contact us for block prices per annum.

When will my account be activated?

Once your club signs you up, you will be given a dittokey, which identifies you to the aircraft you are flying.
You will also receive an email asking you to complete some details for your dashboard. Unfortunately we cannot supply a dittolog account to anyone that does not have a valid email address. Your account will be activated as soon as you register completely.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can ask your club administrator to disable your account at any time. Please note that annual subscription fees are paid in advance by your club and are not refundable.